Equity Crowdfunding in Wisconsin?

By Steve Dinehart

Hi, my name is Stephen E. Dinehart IV and for the past couple of years one of my roles has been in Fintech as Development Director for MoolaPitch.com building a web-based platform to do SEC compliant deals online using new regulations made available through the JOBS Act. We soft-launched last fall and now have no less then five offerings listed.

We provide a platform for Wisconsin based business to raise growth capital Our platform helps users raise growth capital and/or invest in local small businesses with our unique revenue participation model. Any Wisconsin resident can now be an investor, learn more at MoolaPitch.com


Wisconsin has been, and is, a wellspring of innovation:

Experiences Dungeons and Dragons was invented in Lake Geneva, some of the world’s best water-slides in the world are in Baraboo, these days we even make Call of Duty games in Madison,

Tech The Cray Supercomputer in Chippewa Falls, the food blender in Racine,

Food —the hamburger in Seymour, the ice cream sundae in Two Rivers; and

Ideas —the first Kindergarten in Watertown or even Social Security conceived at UW Madison.

But if the money had been available might Lincoln Logs have been manufactured in Spring Green instead of Chicago or would Les Paul have done his development work at Paramount Records in Grafton instead of the studios of Nashville.

MoolaPitch.com’s mission is to create a more nurturing financial environment for Wisconsin entrepreneurs making it a little easier for the next Epic, Miller Brewing or Koss to start, grow and flourish in the State to the benefit of the State’s innovators, investors and communities.

MoolaPitch.com is owned and operated by Equity for Business Inc. MoolaPitch.com reflects the experience of our management team in raising money over the past 30 years for entrepreneurs — for both others and themselves plus its experience in looking for investment opportunities over the years.

I got my first job as developer/designer – dare I say “unicorn” – in Fintech back in the 1990’s, and in recent years crowdfunding has become especially important to me. It’s helped me launch some products I once only dreamed of. While I love the Kickstarters and Indiegogos of the world. Something was missing, I didn’t want to sell through preorders, I wanted investors. I wanted people to invest in my startup.

That’s precisely what we do at MoolaPitch.com we enhance the ability of entrepreneurs and investors to capitalize on the power of social media and the internet to fund innovation by Wisconsin through Wisconsin by selling equity to investors.

With new regulations from the JOBS Act anyone can be an investor! Point is, if you’re a Wisconsin resident you can now register to invest or raise growth capital @ MoolaPitch.com! Sign up and you can start looking at out listings, maybe invest and even start dreaming up what you might fund given the capital to build your dreams, dreams that return revenue to the vary people that invested in you.