For Entrepreneurs: Costs

For Entrepreneurs: Costs

Equity for Business Inc. is also aware that financial needs may suddenly change negating the need for additional funds. As a result, Equity for Business Inc. has adopted a menu for our services. After an initial discussion, we will look to execute an Entrepreneur Commitment Agreement that will require an initial application fee. From that point forward, payment will be required prior to initiating each service step. The list of services available is as follows:

  1. Application fee.
  2. Material review fee.
  3. Listing fee based on the amount of your raise.
  4. Maintenance fee based on period listed.
  5. Quarterly reporting service fee.
  6. Full Investor Relations service fee.

Two packages are also available. A simple listing package that includes services 1 through 4 and a full package that includes services 1 through 6.

Your Equity for Business account manager will explain these costs to you once the scope of your raise is assessed after our initial discussion.

Any crowdfunding under Wisconsin law will also incur two additional fees. One is an escrow agent service fee that goes directly to your escrow agent. Secondly, you will also be charged issuer filing fees by the State of Wisconsin. Legal and accounting costs should also be expected in preparing documents. Finally, if you use a broker-dealer for your raise, such cost should be factored in when looking at your net proceeds (after expenses) from a debt or equity raise.

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