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CowAbout MoolaPitch.com

Equity For Business Inc. (“EFB”) is a Wisconsin-registered crowdfunding internet site operator that owns and operates www.MoolaPitch.com. MoolaPitch.com is designed to assist Wisconsin entrepreneurs in raising funds from the people of Wisconsin in order to bring innovative products and services to the market. MoolaPitch.com enhances the ability of entrepreneurs and investors to capitalize on the power of social media and the internet to fund innovation by Wisconsin through Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has been, and is, a wellspring of innovation:

Things the food blender in Racine, the Cray supercomputer in Chippewa Falls
Food the hamburger in Seymour, the ice cream sundae in Two Rivers; and
Ideas the first Kindergarten in Watertown or Social Security conceived at UW Madison.

But if the money had been available might Lincoln Logs have been manufactured in Spring Green instead of Chicago or would Les Paul have done his development work at Paramount Records in Grafton instead of the studios of Nashville.

MoolaPitch.com’s mission is to create a more nurturing financial environment for Wisconsin entrepreneurs making it a little easier for the next Epic, Miller Brewing or Koss to start, grow and flourish in the State to the benefit of the State’s innovators, investors and communities.

MoolaPitch.com is owned and operated by Equity for Business Inc. MoolaPitch.com reflects the experience of Equity for Business’s management team in raising money over the past 30 years for entrepreneurs — for both others and themselves plus its experience in looking for investment opportunities over the years.

We welcome your views, critiques and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to send them to info@MoolaPitch.com.

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